Jaisalmer Walk

Places To Visit In Jaisalmer


Jaisalmer Fort

aisalmer fort was founded by Maharawal Jaisal on 12 July 1955 on Trikuta hill which in in shape of Triangle and considering it safe , secure and invenurable to enimies. This golden For also known as sonar kila have 99 burj (bastions) and strong boundery wall which seems like huge reptile .

Sam sand dunes

Here is no point coming to the Thar Desert if you don’t go for the Desert Safari. That is why Sam sand dunes are becoming the major attraction in Jaisalmer. This is the closest place from where you can loose yourself in ‘the Great Thar Desert’. Sam has a truly magnificent stretch of sweeping dunes, with sparse or no vegetation.

Kuldhara village

Kuldhara is locate 25 kms feom jaisalmer city at the west side on the sam sand dunes road and having road diversion. Many of tv channels,books , websites and peoples called it hounted village also. But once a time kuldhara was very prosperious and well mentained village of Paliwal brahmins community.

Amar sagar

This village is locate 6 kms far from jaisalmer city at the west side . Place has deep weoo, Tamples and garden which were used as picnic place for Royal family.

Bada bagh:Royal cenotapahs

This is locate kms from jaisalmer city .it is famous as Royal cenotapahs. This is cremation place of Royal person after death. This is also famous touristic place for sunset . Bada bagh also has wells , tamples and garden of Mangos. This is also must visit place in jaisalmer tourism.


Lodharwa is locate arround 16 kms from jaisalmer city . It is also known as old capital of Jaisalmer. This anciant place is witness of true love of moomal and mahendra. This place is also famous in Jain community . There is wonderful carved tample of Chintamani Pasharvanath swami.