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Being a film co ordinaton Company based in India, we not only help obtain all Indian Government filming permissions but make all other arrangements in India like camera hire in India (hiring of other filming equipments as well), Talents/Artists/Models/Bollywood Personalities, logistics etc. As a film coordinator in India, we provide the following information which may be useful for film shootings in India.

1. Government of India is very supportive and invites foreign film makers for film shootings/productions in India. The permission for film shootings in India is required which is as follows:
(a) Ministry of External Affairs for shooting documentary films in Indian.( Indian Embassy in your country )
(b) Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) in case of film shootings at monuments which are controlled by ASI. From State Govt. archaeological departments if the monument comes under it.
(c) Ministry of Railway if the shooting is done at the Railway Station or you are hiring the Train for film shooting.
(d) State Governments of India.
(e) Forest department in case of film shooting for wild life in Jungles of India.
(f) Civil Aviation departments for aerial photography in India.
(g) Ministry of Information and broadcasting, New Delhi , for shooting feature films/telefilms in India.
(h) Restricted Area Permits (RAP)/Protected Area Permit(PAP) is required from the Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi for film shooting in certain states of India.
(i) A live event from India can be broadcasted in your country but prior permission is needed from Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, New Delhi.
2. Usually, one month is required to obtain film permit in India but may take two months or more if you plan to do video/film shooting in states like N-E States, Andaman and Nicobar Islands etc.
3. After we get the film permit for shooting of film in India, we apply for the Journalistic Visa & film shooting equipments so as to avoid the harassment at Airport for custom reasons. Journalistic Visa and Permission for film shooting equipments may take more than seven working days. Because our headquarter is in India , we can approach the concerned Indian Govt. Department in New Delhi( Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs, Archaeological Survey of India, Civil Aviation Department, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting etc.) to the permissions expedited.
4. Government of India gives permission for film shootings in India to import or export of filming equipments without paying any customs duty.
Please feel free to contact Mr. Yogi - +9602023434- India for your film shooting coordination requirements.
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